About Our Firm

Wewer & Lacy LLP is a specialized law practice of highly-experienced attorneys with significant intellectual capital in:

  • Nonprofit and charitable organization law
  • Election and campaign law
  • Advocacy rights of nonprofit organizations
  • Postal law and the legalities of direct mail programs
  • The law of fundraising for nonprofit organizations
  • Public affairs

We are former Washington, D.C. lawyers who have worked at the highest national levels in government, enforcement and politics. We now bring our outstanding expertise to clients throughout the United States from our headquarters in Orange County, California. Our work with clients spans 35 states, with an emphasis on practice before California and the District of Columbia federal and state courts and regulatory agencies.

We also counsel clients with creative projects that require a mix of legal and political perspective. For example, we help clients establish and manage organizations, run for office, qualify ballot initiatives, engage in advocacy, launch direct mail programs, obtain reduced-rate nonprofit postal permits, raise money legally, and protect first amendment rights. Many clients approach us with ideas – for campaigns, nonprofit organizations, direct mail programs – which we help thresh out and place into motion.

Our Pledge

When we represent you, we are driven by three motivations:

  • To work passionately on your issue;
  • To provide the best legal advice possible, with creative
    solutions; and
  • To represent you as if we were representing ourselves.

Our cumulative years of legal experience at the highest levels in law and politics give us the knowledge to successfully guide our clients to achieve their goals. But our firm goes even further. Our experience enables us to provide fresh insights into legal problems, giving clients access to intelligent options.

The bottom line? We are an innovative solution-based practice that seeks to empower clients with project ideas and creative resolutions to legal issues, while never losing sight of the parameters of the law.

And here’s a unique aspect of our practice: We provide Washington-style, “K Street” quality legal services without charging our clients exorbitant overhead for gray suits and overpriced office space. We are proudly based in Southern California and make certain that our clients benefit from our experience – and our location.


Wewer & Lacy LLP represents and advises some of the country’s most noteworthy political committees and nonprofit organizations. Our clients include the following:

Public charities (Section 501(c)(3) organizations)
Social welfare organizations (Section 501(c)(4) organizations)
Trade associations (Section 501(c)(6) organizations)
Charitable supporting organizations
Private foundations
Private operating foundations
Political Action Committees (PACs)
Political party committees
Separate segregated funds
Section 527 organizations
Statewide candidates and candidate committees
Ballot initiative committees
Slate mail organizations
Lobbying organizations
Political advisors
Major Donors
Fundraising Counsels

To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not publicize our client list.