Dispute Resolution and Third-party Arbitration

Nonprofit organizations are governed by a Board of Directors, and as such they are not immune from the development over time of strongly held differing opinions by Board members on matters of policy, budget, legal compliance, or even the mission of the organization. Unfortunately, sometimes these disputes can harm the ability of the organization to focus on its core mission, and occasionally these differences of opinion can result in divisive and costly litigation. For example, controversies involving differing interpretations of governing instruments by members and Directors, such as the Bylaws, can contribute to this type of problem and in extreme cases literally destroy an organization.

Our lawyers are skilled at working with nonprofit organzation clients to resolve such issues fairly and equitably before they reach crisis proportions. We have experience contracting as a third-party independent arbitrator with the California Society of Association Executives. We utilize our knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations, state nonprofit laws, and experience serving Boards of Directors, to help nonprofit organizations settle and resolve their internal disputes in a cost effective manner, outside the judicial system.