We are often asked by our clients to explain nonprofit and election law to their officers, directors, managers, or staff members. We can provide tailor-made presentations to our clients, so that all members of an organization or committee understand the law and are on the same page.

Such training is especially important for new staff joining a start-up organization, who may not be familiar with the intricacies of nonprofit law. Even managers who have substantial tenure can benefit from a briefing of the new laws, and how such laws specifically affect an organization.

Another helpful training opportunity is for a political committee that is entering a campaign, needing to brush up on the constantly changing laws and to inform especially new staff about the ground rules.

Such training often provides managers and staff with brainstorming opportunities, leading to new ideas for fundraising, cutting expenses, updating advocacy projects, and correcting compliance problems.

If you want our firm to present a training session for your organization, please contact us for further information.