First Amendment civil rights and Election-related litigation

Our firm has significant experience and success in First Amendment civil rights and election related litigation.  During law school at Pepperdine, founder James V. Lacy took time out to study and complete a special  civil rights litigation and practice course at Stanford Law School.  Our firm has put his knowledge to use and has served as lead counsel in two successful Federal civil rights litigations under 42 U.S.C. 1983, including a full-blown bench trial in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, to enjoin unconstitutional restrictions on election campaigning.  Similarly, we have handled and won numerous Brown Act “open government” litigations for plaintiffs seeking judicial remedies to force local governments in California to comply with transparency rules, including winning a two-day bench trial against the City of Mission Viejo in Orange County and negotiating settlement in other jurisdictions.  Our lawyers have experience and success in litigating contentious election-related cases including winning challenges for plaintiffs and defending clients in ballot designation, ballot access and ballot statement cases.  We also have experience in writing proposed Initiative Measures for local government, such as a Charter Amendment, and successfully defending them during the election period and after in Superior Court and on appeal.